Vienna Office Supplies (VOS) was founded as a company in 1985 with the aim of introducing, distributing and export marketing top-quality products and top brands in the fields of stationery, office products, school supply and artists’ materials and these have remained our principal activities up until the present. The main territories covered are the countries of the Middle East plus some European markets and we can look back upon nearly 30 years of experience in our branch and a permanent presence in our sales area.

The management of the company, who also share front-line duties, is in the hands of


Our values – our style – our mission

Since the formation of VOS VIENNA OFFICE SUPPLIES nearly 30 years ago, our business principles and basic values have remained unchanged:

  • PROFESSIONALISM – our professional approach is founded upon a profound knowledge of our field and personal accountability
  • RESPECT DEALINGS – we conduct ourselves responsibly and show respect towards our partners during our day-to-day dealing
  • COMMUNICATION & INFORMATION – both are quintissential elements of our activities. Our partners’ interests are of paramount importance and discretion is our top priority.
  • TRUSTWORTHINESS – we honour our commitments. We regard agreements as binding and any amendments are made only after consultation with our partners.

To ensure that our values are rigorously applied, we have adopted a very special style:

  • HONESTY – the honest work ethic that prevails within the VOS team is the foundation for the positive working climate. This work ethic is projected consistently on to our dealings with all our customers and business partners.
  • ENJOYMENT – we enjoy our work and we seek to convey this enjoyment to our business partners.
  • INDIVIDUALITY – we give individual attention to all of our customers and business partners and it is our constant endeavour to develop concepts and find tailor-made solutions for each individual case.
  • TOLERANCE – our understanding of partnership draws on our social skills, expertise and professional competence. We conduct ourselves openly and honestly.

We work continuously to achieve our goals and fulfill our mission, on the one hand with our customers on their markets, on the other hand with our suppliers and principals.

  • FUTURE – thanks to our long-term presence on our markets, our specialized branch know-how and our detailed knowledge of export sales techniques, we help to shape and safeguard the future on our export markets.
  • STABILITY - we are and we wish to be your long-standing and reliable partners and business friends, applying the whole spectrum of values and style elements mentioned above.
  • INNOVATION – we try to act, not just re-act. We hold all our business associates in high esteem. Each new idea is valuable and is followed through. We welcome suggestions!
  • TRADITION & FLEXIBILITY – we strive to protect our achievements and at the same time allow improvements. We take decisions and we are prepared to accept criticism and face the challenge of solving problems. We are mindful of our responsibilities and take the requirements of our partners very seriously. We derive strength from the feeling of collective responsibility with all our branch associates: TOGETHER, we can achieve more than ALONE.


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